We are a religiously and politically independent non-profit organization with 90-konto that promotes a fair distribution of the Earth’s resources. We collect second-hand goods and give them a second life, by reselling, donating or recycling them. The resources gathered in this way are used for different charitable causes both in Sweden and abroad.

Elected at the annual meeting in 2023
Kenny Kjellström, chairman
Robert Larsson, vice-chairman
Daniel Boström, secretary
Ibrahim Abou Ramadan, treasurer
Veronica Rönn, board member
Association Documents

Documents (in Swedish)

Emmaus Fredriksdal årsredovisning 2021
Emmaus Fredriksdal årsredovisning 2022


Emmaus Fredriksdal holds a 90-account, which means we are supervised by the Swedish Fundraising Control. To read more about what is included in the audit as well as further information on fundraising control, please visit the Swedish Fundraising Control’s website.

See Swedish page for our early economic report and more information about Svensk insamlingskontroll.